What Dish Network® and DirecTV® don't want you to know. Professional Satellite Installer gives you the inside scoop!

If you are even thinking about Installing or Repairing your own dish system read this special report first...

From the desk of Andrew Cameron
Professional Satellite Technician

Colorado, U.S.

Dear Friend,
You are about to learn the dirty secret behind a multi-billion dollar industry, how you can avoid becoming a victim and ultimately save money for the rest of your life!

What do I mean by victim? Let me tell you a story about Dave...


Stop me if you've heard this before, (as a technician I've heard this one hundreds of times).

David, a loyal but frustrated, Satellite TV customer calls to tell me that he'd been on the phone with the Satellite Company for 3 hours. The first hour he spent waiting on hold, and then spent the other 2 troubleshooting his receiver. The phone technician did her best to speak english but she was still hard to understand. Dave asked me why the big corporations can't hire people who speak good english and of course, I didn't have a good answer for him, all I could do was sympathize...

The first thing she wanted me do, he said, was to check the TV channel and reset the receiver. "I already did that" he told her, but she said to do it again because that's what her computer told her to say, so he wastes 15 minutes of his time going through the motions only to end up in the same place that they started from. "What does your script say to do next"? he asks. The phone technician had him go through all the cabling in the back of the receiver and check all the connections. To make a long story short, he said, after 2 hours of all this @#$%*&, she tell's me they're going to have to send out a technician. (I'm sure he was ready to pull his hair out by now)... Since he didn't have the "protection plan" they wanted to charge him $60. He said "fine, when can you come out?" And she said June 14th was the earliest they could do it. "The only problem is, today is the 11th and I'm going to miss Monday Night Football"!

You know, I'm not necessarily a football fan, but I know exactly how Dave feels because I've gone through this very same thing many times myself.

No one should have to wait on hold to talk to technical support and then troubleshoot for hours over the phone just to have them tell you they need to send out a technician.

You could be missing your favorite shows or even the Big Game!

After hearing this same complaint over and over, I thought to myself, there has got to be a better way... Don't you think?


My name is Andrew and I have been in the Satellite communications industry for over 6 years, starting my career installing cable television service and converting analog systems over to digital. I’ve also installed high-speed cable internet and satellite internet systems. I have worked my way up through various companies and now I run my own satellite installation company.
As a satellite installer I have helped and educated thousands of people teaching them how to use and repair their own cable and satellite systems. I would gladly service those who would rather pay someone to install or repair their system rather than do it themselves, but I believe people shouldn't have to pay me for something they could easily do on their own if they only knew how.

So What's the Dirty Secret?

I need to be clear; I'm not talking about some money scandal, but it sure seems like a sneaky scam to me. Let me know if you agree...

Satellite Installation and especially Satellite Repair rakes in billions of dollars each year. When you sign up for Satellite TV, in order to get "free" installation, you need to sign a 2-year contract saying that you will remain a customer for 2 years. By the way, it used to be only an 18 month contract as of a year ago... But there's always a catch right? "Free installation" doesn't mean much if you get stuck with service you don't like or a botched installation that leaves you with Satellite TV that doesn't work like it's supposed to. If you want to cancel well, you'll not only be charged for your installation by the company that installed your dish system, but you'll also be charged by Dish Network and DirecTV which will cost hundreds of dollars after the dust settles. (Linx Satellite of Utah for example, charges $350 for early cancellation, plus whatever cancellation fees Dish Network and DirecTV impose).

So what if I don't want to sign a contract? Well then, it's gonna cost you... I personally charge $120 dollars for a local install with 1 receiver and THAT'S CHEAP compared to most installers. (I don't charge much because most people in my town already have dish and that makes my installs easy). You could be charged up to $412 for an installation! Just read Rachel's testimonial. There's gotta be a better way... right?

Rachel H.
Kenai, Alaska

My name's Rachel & I've recently moved to Alaska from the lower 48. Even though a dish network representative assured me that all I needed to do was bring my receiver, and dish network would send someone to my new residence to hook up my satellite for free....we found that it's completely different in Alaska. We had to buy our own 36" satellite (the regular ones are worthless up here) and pay to have someone come in and install it. I wish our service call only cost $250.00! We waited for a month for a local installer, then we paid $412.00 to have some guy come in and do a horrible installation. He literally left cable on the floor and in the snow on the ground outside. One of our cables actually comes in through a window! I couldn't believe we paid $412.00 for that!
I'm really excited about the Satpro ebooks and videos! We're going to be moving again, but I won't be paying another installer. The information is simple enough for me to understand, and I'm positive that I can do a better job than the one we just paid for. I just really wish I would have known about this product 2 months ago!

Thank you so much! You just saved me a whole bunch of money!



Both Dish Network and DirecTV offer a $6 per month "protection plan" that is supposed to cover your system installation and equipment if it ever goes down. And here's the "dirty" part; when you first sign up, they give you the protection plan for free for a short period of time, (9 months for Dish Network customers), but then without asking or any kind of reminder, they start charging you $6 a month from then on hoping that you won't notice and call in to cancel it. I'm sure you won't be shocked to hear that most people don't. And you know they'll give you a hard time cancelling too if you do call in...

That little $6 per month adds up to $144 over a 2 year period that 9 out of 10 people don't even know they are paying! If you go 5 years without using the protection plan that's $360 wasted.

But isn't the "Protection Plan" a good thing to have?

Sure! If you don't mind throwing money at a service that you may not ever use. 95% of all my service calls do not include expensive equipment or replacing the receiver. That means the vast majority of all people I service could have fixed it on thier own without costly expense.

Even if it is the receiver that's broken, I can show you how to replace it without having to shell out a lot of $$$ for a new one.

I hear what you're saying, but Service Calls are Expensive!

Yes they are. Service calls can cost as much as $120 just to have someone show up at your door. Some might even charge you per hour after that. Sometimes depending on where you live you could be waiting up to 2 weeks for a service call. That’s 2 weeks without television that you’re paying the satellite company for. (And Rachel say's it's 4 weeks if you live in Alaska)!

In my experience 90% of the homes that I service have problems that are easily fixed in about 15 to 30 min. I charge $69 for a local service charge and up to $99 for (out of area) service. That’s easy money for me but that might not be so easy for you.

So, how much can I save Installing my own dish?

The average cost of a standard installation is anywhere between $150 to $250. I hate to see people waste hours trying to install their own system only to end up paying me $69 for a service call to finish the job which is usually pointing the dish. How long does it take me to point a dish? About 10 minutes. And I'm not bragging either! It really is that easy once you know how to do it. There are simple things you can do before you actually point the dish, to make sure that process runs smoothly.

One of my customers called me up to stop by his house ASAP (of course)!, to point his dish for him. He had moved to a new house and mounted his dish already. He had worked for hours trying to get the dish pointed at the right satellite. When I arrived he took me back to where it was mounted and as soon as I saw it, I could tell him immediately what the problem was. He had installed his dish right under the roof overhang which covered the reflector just enough to cause complete signal loss. All we had to do was move the antenna a little lower and voila!, we got signal. It only took about 15 min. to do but it cost him $69. Crazy right? Most people don't want to pay $69 for 15 min. worth of work. I know I don't!

So you think there's a Better Way Andrew? Let's have it already!

Okay, here it is. It's called Satellite Installer Professional.

It's a complete system designed to take the place of a Satellite Technician. Just imagine your own full-time satellite technician at your disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This one however, never needs to be paid...

The SiPro system consists of 3 main modules or components:

  • The first module is a systems guide that explains the components of your dish system, how it works, and how to install it. There's one for Dish Network and for DirecTV.
  • The second module is an easy to understand walk-through troubleshooting guide that takes you through all the steps necessary to daignose and repair your satellite system.
  • And finally, the third component is a collection of videos, installation guides and online resources that supplement the first 2 modules and complete the package.

I'd like to tell you everything about what's "in the box", but before we go any further, if I were reading this for the first time I would probably be thinking:

Do these guides actually work?

and if they do,

How much do they cost?

We'll get to how much it is in a few moments but I promise you it's not much. The cost is beyond reasonable and well worth the price.

As to whether it works or not, let me tell you about Kevin.

Kevin wanted to install a dish on a tripod for his RV and had no prior knowledge of satellite TV, (except how to watch it, change the channels and record his favorite shows). He read through the materials and watched the videos to see if he could perform his own installation. All I did was give him the SiPro system and he did everything on his own. Rather than telling you all about his experience myself, here it is in his own words:


Kevin L.
Vernal, Utah

After reading the Satellite Installer Pro manuals, I honestly felt more knowledgeable and more confident in my ability to install Satellites. I'm a guy who had little or no knowledge of how to install Satellites at all. I wanted to set up my dish on a tripod for a camp trailer, but I had no idea what a LNB was or what kind cords I needed to hook it all up. Reading the book made me realize how easy it was. The book easily explains what each little accessory is and how to use it (receivers, LNBs, splitters, diplexers, etc). With the big pictures and explanations I was able to understand and apply what each accessory does. The book gives examples of many different types of ways to hook up the Satellite to the receiver. With easy to understand examples I was easily able to hook up my Satellite. When I put the Satellite on the tripod, after reading how to point the receiver, it was really easy to know which Satellite I needed to find. Hooking up all the cords from the Satellite to the receiver was surprisingly easy. I was pretty impressed how much I learned just after reading a few pages. My dish setup wasn't that complicated, but really to setup any Satellite system would be really easy. I know now that I won't need to pay some "professional" to come and hook up my satellite again in a few minutes. I recommend anybody to use this book because from a guy that had little knowledge of hooking up a Satellite system became pretty smart in a few minutes and it will save you a lot of money.




This is Insider information you won't find for free on the Internet!

There are hundreds of articles on the internet, that you can find for free about "how to install a satellite dish". But they all basically say the same thing. They tell you what's involved with dish installation, but they don't show you HOW to do it. (I've written a few myself and they are available by clicking on the 'Articles' link above if you are interested).

I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step in plain, easy to read english, with photos, diagrams, and videos, exactly what others are only talking about. I've written these e-books with the complete novice in mind so there is no experience required. All you need is a "CAN DO" attitude. I'll even go a step further and show you exactly how to fix your system if it ever goes down.

With Satellite Installer Professional you will never need to call a Satellite Service Technician ever again!

What I'm offering here is a complete guide to everything having to do with your satellite system: What it is, How it Works, How to install it, and How to fix it. All in one complete package:


Dish Systems Guide for Dish Network

Dish Systems Guide for DirecTV

Troubleshooting Guide for both
Dish Network and DirecTV

How a satellite system works

VIDEO: How to properly prep cable for an f-connector. (Half my service calls are caused by badconnections).

VIDEO: How to point an single
LNB 18" round dish antenna for DirecTV

VIDEO: How to point a Dual LNB Dish 500 dish antenna for DishNetwork



In the Dish System Guide for Dish Network® I'll show you:

Complete descriptions of all current dish system hardware and components
A Complete list of all currently offered receivers and their features
How to program your Dish Network remote

How to install a Dish Network system including diagrams
HDTV setup and components
General Troubleshooting steps



In the Dish System Guide for DirecTV® I'll show you:

Complete descriptions of all current dish system hardware and components
A Complete list of all currently offered receivers and their features
How to program your DirecTV remote
How to install a DirecTV system including diagrams
HDTV setup and components
General Troubleshooting steps



In the Troubleshooter Guidebook I will show you:

How to properly aim a satellite dish and point it at the right satellite
How to properly install a receiver to your TV
The professional satellite system troubleshooting process, (how the pros fix it!)

How to diagnose and troubleshoot the most common problems

How to solve all possible issues that can occur with a satellite system
Where to get replacement parts for 40% to 60% less than retail. For example, we sell Dish Network dish 500 kits for $89. I’ll show you where you can get it for $30 or less. Get a DirecTV 18" dish kit for less than $10!



You'll also receive full access to www.SatPro.us where you can get:

Full membership access to our regularly updated troubleshooting resources
Unlimited email Technical Support

Unlimited Updates and Downloads

Satellite Installer Professional
Instruction Videos:

How a satellite system works

How to properly cut a cable and prep it for a connector

How to point a standard 18" satellite dish for DirecTV®

How to point a standard Dish 500 antenna for Dish Network

So, How much is it?
We are almost there, I want to share just one more thing with you.

Everyone likes FREE Gifts right? I thought so too, so as a 'thank-you' for purchasing the Satellite Installer Professional System, I'm including 12 Free E-books for you to download and keep. There are no strings attached and no obligation. You will have immediate access to all these e-books in the membership section.


Click on the image to learn more about each ebook...
Total Retail Value of this Series: $88.94


Click on the image to learn more about each ebook...
Total Retail Value of this Series: $103.94



Get immediate download access right NOW
and take advantage of this special introductory offer

I want to keep the price low so that this system will be affordable for everyone but I can't give it away either. I understand that it's difficult to invest in a new product that no one has heard of yet, so I'm offering a special introductory rate for a limited time just to get the word out. Order soon because this price won't last.

I am ready to get back to watching my favorite shows and save money!
I am ready to take advantage of this low introductory offer!

Summary of What You Get:

The Complete Satellite Installer Professional System
which includes:

  • Complete Dish Systems Guides for DirecTV & Dish Network as well as the Troubleshooting Guide
  • Installation manuals for Dish Network & DirecTV
  • Installation Videos

Bonus E-book Downloads

  • Self Improvement Series - (six books)
  • Online Money Making Secrets Series - (six books)
  • These alone are worth over $180!

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited Access
  • Unlimited e-mail tech support
  • Unlimited Updates
  • My personal 60 day money-back guarantee

One time risk-free investment of only
$69 $47 $20
Far less than the cost of a service call


I personally GUARANTEE that I will provide you with all the information that you need to either install or repair your satellite system or your money back! Feel free to look over the information for a full 60 Days.

If for any reason you are not satisfied I will refund the full cost of the product. Send nothing back. The 12 e-books and even the free Satellite Signal Meter are yours to keep.

Start Using Satellite Installer Professional in minutes.

Once your order has been processed you will have access to our download site, and our Members Area immediately, so you can start fixing your system now and get back to watching your favorite shows.

Even if you've never downloaded anything from the internet before, it's easy.

Zero shipping costs.

No waiting time. Forget having to wait weeks for postal delivery.

No risk of products lost in the mail or damaged.

You receive Satellite Installer Professional at a lower price because it costs us less to produce.

I really liked the ebook and videos. The simple navigation let me find what I needed quickly without clutter and with the way technology changes so fast these days, I can feel good that I have the ongoing support Satpro.us offers. Thanks guys!

E. E., Paradigm Entertainment

Hi Andrew,

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this information available in the first place, but on top of that to make it so precise, clear and easy to understand. The directions, even for a novice like me were easy to understand and apply with very real savings. We called to get service hooked up and found that it would take several weeks to have a tech come out to look at our situation and it would cost almost $200 dollars just for the tech. We didn’t want to wait and didn’t want to spend a lot of money, and surfing the net revealed your information. I recommend your service to anyone – it gets the job done right the first time and I got to learn how to do it so even if we move – we won’t have to pay and wait for it again.

Thanks again for doing this and good luck in your business.

C. Johnson


Still not convinced? Read through our F.A.Q.

Why should I do my own installation?

You could save hundreds of dollars - Why should you pay someone so much for just a few hours of work?

You'll never have to wait days for an install or service call ever again - Why wait when you can watch TV right now? When I show up for a service call or install people will tell me, "I'm so glad you are finally here, I've been going crazy without my TV"! Don't go crazy and don't wait for a satellite technician.

You'll never wast hours waiting for an appointment - Has this ever happened to you? You take time off work so that you can be ready for the technician who gives you a 5 hour window of when he'll show up, but then is late or never shows at all! This will never happen again when you can service or install your own dish.

You'll never have to tie yourself down to a 2-year contract - Cancelling your contract before the 2 years is up can cost hundreds of dollars in penalties. Your stuck with the service (even if it's bad) whether you like it or not. If you get bad customer service, have the freedom to tell them where to stick it without costing you a dime.

You'll be ready when you move into a new home - When you know how to install your system you won't have to call or pay anyone to install your dish for you. Just take your receivers and dish to your next house and follow my easy instructions and you'll have TV when you want it.

You'll never have a botched installation if you ever do have a tech in your home - You'll know exactly what a professional install is so you won't have to accept anything less than the best.

Upgrade or change your system anytime you want - You'll know how to hook up an extra receiver, install an HD system, or rearrange your electronics anytime you want.

If you have to do some remodelling which requires you to move your dish - Whether you are putting new shingles on the roof, new siding, or putting on a new addition; NO WORRIES! When you know how to reinstall your dish you can relocate it if needed and put it back when you're done.

Do I need to sign a new 2-year contract or pay hundreds for an install just because I've moved?

If you move and want to take your Dish Network or DirecTV with you and want to have it installed at your new home you'll be required to sign a new two-year commitment with heavy penalties for cancelling early. If you don’t want to sign a two year commitment you have to either install your own equipment or pay someone to install it for you.

What if my credit doesn't qualify me for a 2-year contract?

To get a free installation you also have to qualify for a 2-year contract which means a credit check, social security number and a credit card (required for Dish Network service). Many of my customers don't qualify based on their credit but they can still get satellite TV and so can you! All you have to do is buy your equipment, (I'll show you everything you need and where to get it at a great discount), sign up with Dish Network on a prepaid plan, (no credit check and no SSN required), and install the system yourself. The bottom line is, when you do your own install, you save money, period.

What do I have to do to get another receiver?

To add another receiver to your account you either need to call your satellite service provider, (Dish Network or DirecTV) and request an upgrade or additional receiver or you can purchase your receiver locally or online, and pay someone to install it for you. I charge $69 for an additional receiver installation in the local area. If you qualify for an upgrade, Dish Network and DirecTV will give you a discount on the equipment and install it for you but then commit you to another 2 year contract.

Can I watch Satellite TV in my RV?

If you own an RV and want to take one of your receivers with you on your next trip, all you need is a dish, tripod, cable to connect to your receiver and Satellite Installer Pro to help you setup and point your dish and you could be enjoying the entertainment of satellite television in the great outdoors. We show you everything you need, what equipment to buy, where to get the best deals online, and what tools are necessary to get the job done. It really is easy once you know how.

Rearrange your house without consequence

Some of my customers like to change their room arrangements and move TVs from one wall to another or one room to another. With cable TV you can just move your television to the new wall jack and have it active, but with a dish system, you need to disconnect/reconnect your cable at the house/junction box, and then reconnect it in the other room or wall. It may seem complicated to do but I'm telling you it's easy; anyone can do this once they know how. Once I show you how the system works with easy to follow diagrams, you will be able to connect, disconnect, rearrange and remodel with peace of mind.

Save time learning what the Pro's know.

When I first started installing satellite, I would spend hours troubleshooting problems only to find that I would have finished the install in a fraction of the time or fixed the problem sooner, (with less headache), if I had only known the solution ahead of time. But that’s why I’m a professional and get paid the big bucks right? With Satellite Installer Professional, you will have the advantage of knowing the solution ahead of time and save hours of frustration and needless troubleshooting so you can get back to watching your favorite TV shows.

Don't get burned with a bad installation.

Having been a professional installer for as long as I have, I've seen allot of bad installations by other technicians and have helped a good share of unhappy customers. Not by any fault of mine, but because of what the previous technician did or didn't do properly such as the following:

My technician didn't install the dish properly and now my TV goes out every time the wind blows - This is not normal folks. Your TV should never go out except in extreme weather.

My technician ran cable across the floor and I trip on it every time I walk into the room - This is just plain laziness on the part of your installer and should never happen unless you request it.

My technician just left the cable on the ground or hanging off the side and it looks terrible - Again, lazy lazy lazy...

My technician drilled holes where I didn't want them and damaged my house - A good technician should do a walkthrough of your home and explain everything that will need to be done for a proper installation

My technician drilled a hole and ran a cable through my wall and didn't even install a wall plate - Every wall penetration should have a wallplate installed period!

My technician installed the dish on my roof and didn't seal it properly and now It leaks and I have ceiling damage - This is the biggest "no-no" for any installer! First of all, a dish should only be installed on the roof as a last resort, (if there is no other place to put it to get good reception). And second, it goes without saying that it should be properly sealed to prevent water intrusion.

For the most part, a majority of all the satellite technicians are professional in the way they do their jobs but I've also seen the lazy, incompetent ones that ruin it for the rest of us. Although they don't last long and are quickly fired often times the damage is already done!

At the end of each install when you sign your paperwork, the customer releases the technician and approves all work done during the installation. Unfortunately not everyone knows what to look out for and sometimes gets cheated out of a professional job. I will show you what is involved in a REAL professional installation and exactly what to expect so you don't get burned.


Order the Satellite Installer Pro System
for the introductory price of
Only $69 $47 $20

Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED or your money back!

Thanks for taking the time to read my page. Remember, you have nothing to lose. If you don't like the product for any reason, don't send anything back. The bonus e-books and the free Satellite Signal Meter are yours to keep! Not only will you be able to immediately download the SiPro manuals, instruction videos, and bonus e-books, but you will have unlimited access to our troubleshooting resources, online support system, unlimited email tech support and free, unlimited updates.

Why wait? Don't miss another episode of your favorite shows. Get back to watching TV.

Best Regards,

Andrew Cameron
S.B.C.A Certified Satellite Technician

P.S. Because this is our premier product we are offering it at a heavily discounted introductory rate. I honestly don't know how much longer I'll keep it at this price. Who knows? I may just change it tomorrow so get yours now and lock in the savings.

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